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1898The Founding of Evanston Golf Club

Evanston Golf Club had three prior locations from 1898-1915 within the boundaries of Evanston Illinois. These temporary homes were all 9 hole courses with hazards and problems that eventually lead to the search for a more permanent home that members could enjoy.

timeline history - 1899

1899 Founders of the Western Golf Association

As one of the 11 founding members of the Western Golf Association, Evanston Golf Club was dedicated to shape the future of golf in the Chicagoland area. Two years later, EGC became a charter member of the Western Women's Golf Association.

timeline history - 1915

1915 - 1918 Largest Clubhouse West of the Hudson River

Evanston Golf Club hired well-known Chicago Architect, Walter W. Ahlschlager, to build the finest clubhouse in the Chicagoland area. At the time, the structure became known as the largest clubhouse west of the Hudson River.

timeline history - 1919

1919 Donald Ross Golf Course Opens with Fanfare

After much anticipation, the Donald Ross Golf Course opened in July of 1919.

timeline history - 1929

1929 Women's Western Junior

In 1929, the Women's Western Junior came to Evanston Golf Club, which became a recurring event for many years to come.


timeline history - 1935

1935 - 1966 Johnny Revolta

Evanston Golf Club had the honor of hiring PGA Professional, Johnny Revolta, as the Head Professional. When he wasn't on tour, his passion for teaching kept him busy all summer long as he tutored the members. He lived out on the practice tee to improve handicaps and change the game of golf at Evanston Golf Club.

timeline history - 1943

1943 Dorothy Germain: Women's Western Amateur

Dorothy Germain was one of the top amateurs of her day at age 19. When Evanston hosted the 43rd annual Women's Western Golf Championship, Germain defeated Mary Agnes Wall 5 and 4 in the final match.

timeline history - 1947

1947 Louise Suggs: Women's Western Amateur

Louise Suggs, one of the founding members of LPGA, was one of the top players in the world when she won the Women's Western Amateur in 1947 at Evanston Golf Club.

timeline history - 1959

1959 CDGA Amateur comes to Evanston

Evanston Golf Club has played host to 14 Chicago District Golf Association tournaments since 1959. Martin Stanovich was the first CDGA Amateur to win at Evanston Golf Club. The CDGA Amateur was played at Evanston in 1959, 1966 & 2003.

timeline history - 1962

U.S. Senior Amateur

In its early days, before it was a more formal competition, the U.S. Senior Amateur was brought to Evanston Golf Club. Merrill Carlsmith reigned triumph.

timeline history - 1967

1967 - 2001 Hal Miller

Hal Miller, the student and assistant of Johnny Revolta, became Head Professional at Evanston Golf Club when the beloved former head professional retired. Hal Miller was the Head Professional at Evanston for 35 years. Not only did Hal serve the membership at the club, but was the PGA Illinois president from 1982 - 1983.

timeline history - 1988

1988 Anne Sander: Women's Western Amateur

Anne Sander's victory at Evanston Golf Club was her third WWGA National Amateur title.

timeline history - 1998

1998 Centennial Celebration

Evanston Golf Club celebrated 100 years of excellence since the establishment of the club in 1898. With the Centennial Ball, Centennial Pool Party, and multiple different centennial golf and tennis themed events, Evanston Golf Club didn't leave a moment uncelebrated in 1998.

timeline history - 2007

2007 Clubhouse Remodel

When looking at improving Evanston Golf Clubs facilities, the architect's goal was to maintain the tutor style and restore the clubhouse to its glory.

timeline history - 2015

2015 New Pool Complex

Not only was a new pool at Evanston Golf Club needed, but updating and building a brand new facility would bring new life to summers centered around family fun.

timeline history - 2018

2018 Jeff Doty: Western Junior Amateur

Evanton Golf Club hosted the 101st Western Junior. Jeff Doty earned the title by virtue of his 36-hole lead.

timeline history - 2022

2022 New West Campus Complex

EGC's New West Campus Complex features six brand new Paddle Courts, casual dining area and bar, patio Pavilion overlooking the golf course, two golf simulators, and staff offices with a retail display area.

timeline history - 2023

2023 125th Anniversary

Evanston Golf Club celebrated 125 years of excellence since the establishment of the club in 1898. Reemergence of our historic logo from the early 1900's was displayed around the Club during our 2023 season.