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Guest Information

We want your experience at Evanston Golf Club to be enjoyable. As an invited guest, please review our club rules and policies to ensure you are aware of all customs prior to your arrival.


Parking is available. Guests may pull their cars up to the bag drop to drop off their bags before they park. The Men's Locker Room is located by the bag drop and the Women's Locker Room is located inside the main entrance of the club.



Proper dining, golf and tennis attire are allowed in the Clubhouse. Proper shoes are required in all areas of the Clubhouse. Shirts must be tucked in at all times, the exception may be Hawaiian shirts or other costume party attire for a special event at the club. Members will receive notice when jackets are preferred at special club events or when other attire is permitted in the clubhouse and dining areas due to a special themed golf event.

Golf Course

Only conventional and appropriate golf attire may be worn. Shorts and skirts must rise no more than 4” above the knee. Mock turtlenecks are acceptable. If you have questions as types of appropriate sports attire or need to purchase any for a guest, please look at the type of clothing available in our golf pro shop. Golf shirts are required to be tucked in at all times for men, and for women when appropriate.

Not acceptable on golf course: Denim of any kind, short shorts, very short miniskirts, tennis shorts, cargo pants/shorts, athletic/jogging shorts/pants, cutoff slacks, swimming attire, halter tops, fishnet tops and t-shirts are not allowed on the golf course, practice range or practice putting green. 

You can see more Guest Guidelines in our Guest Brochure below.